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now you see me

because the closer you look, the less you see

A Now You See Me Fan Community
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. rules .

1. REPECT. No bashing. This means characters, other ships, and especially other members. Debating is fine, arguing is not. Swearing is fine; just don't aim it at each other. BE NICE TO OTHER MEMBERS. We're all NYSM fans here. No need to get nasty. Don't make me bust out the banhammer and show you a magic trick of my own, please.

2. POSTING. Title and tag your posts! This will make them easier to archive. If you need a new tag, comment in the mod post and I'll add it for you. All posts should be related to Now You See Me. Posts about the cast are also acceptable, but try to keep it related to the movie. Pictures over 400 pixels wide need to be under a cut. Don't disable or screen comments. Posts like this will be deleted.

3. GRAPHICS & FIC. When posting icons, only use three teaser icons. You can post your icons here or link them to your journal, but make sure that you keep them under a cut if you post them here. Pictures over 400 pixels wide need to be under a cut. When posting fic, give a rating, warnings, ships, and a brief summary. Again, you can link to your fic or post it here, but if you post it here, keep it under a cut.

. links .

NYSM archive at AO3. FYNYSM@tumblr. Kink Meme @ LJ .

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